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Transforming, intensifying all the dynamic sphere, unified field based eternal entity along with global organization with wide interest all across….. the unified universe


Supreme Level of Management Intelligence and Dynamism


The Universal Unifier, Warrier - The Universal Intelligence Dynamite

The music of the universe

Unified Music, Dance, and Rhythm,-The Exhilaration Beyond the Limit

The field of infinite absolute INTELLECT

the actions of the universal totality : performing physically in real time earth Environment

Existential philosophical physics is intrinsic to infinite architecture of the universe that unifies to universal totality along with its various dynamic retrospectives and it strikes to maintain the righteous continuum

mr.mahesh jaikisan

  “Unified Field”-The field of Universal Intelligence and Dynamism – The Basis Of The Universal Manageability in Totality  – The Infinite Universe getting managed including earth . It is the source of all the laws of the nature-the source of all the order displayed throughout the vast cosmic structures of the  Universe . Refer to the  recent breakthroughs in quantum physics that reveal the deep insight how day-to-day it is getting created . Mr. Mahesh Jaikisan carries 24 universalities all in all and  harnesses the Universal Manageability through his Unified Theory of Management addressing the Time Cycle  .

Thus, on the threshold of a transformation, creation, and sustainability  following the unified field-based initiatives and actions , it is  establishing righteous all across . Check our special programs and initiatives – to experience the very vast  to offer with our suites of  Impressive superior resultants  of supreme manageability that brings exhilaration all across . 

The established unified dynamics center is  magnificent in bringing eternal influences  with masterpiece of functionality . Mobilization achieved  through years of universal  research and education. The unique atmosphere and the highly  pleasant  environment  with ease of  action happening  the baths a deeply fulfilling  experience.
Treat yourself  revitalizing exploring more and more 

unified dynamics Center

On the most special of all days, may you be blessed in countless ways  with our organisation that helps you to make your life being beautiful , assured and fullfilling. With high degree of achievements and  accomplishments lots of hope, and all the things which help you to rejoice! 

Our magnificent abilities hosting celebrations all the time 

list of organisations

Please refer to the organisations run by uS

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Notice :  Public here by notified to check the status of operation and authenticity here and advised not to indulge with fradulents if any . Please report  to [email protected] . Helpline :  +91- 8840625422 

1. Official website  : www.maheshjaikisan.com and maheshjaikisan.in both domains belongs to  the official website of  Mahesh Jaikisan Company , maheshjaikisan.in redirects to maheshjaikisan.com .

2. Business organisation : Few of them are running and other are under still formation stage and status will be duly notified when its becomes operational 

3. Charitable trust or Social Organisation  or Public association :  were are not running currently  , will be duly notified here . Plublic here by notified  not to   induge  

4. Education Institution / University :  Under palnning satge

Mr. Mahesh Jaikisan

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music and entertainment

The biggest entertainment of the world is getting programmed for global audiences .
Status : Upcoming

E-commerce Carrier

The largest e-commerce carrier under development hitting global geographies.
Status : Upcoming

Unified management Consulting

Consulting to help the businesses in real time powered by unified theory of management .
Status : Running

unified Reaserch university

Unified Research University to focus on eternal research and to desseminate light
Status : Upcoming

unified dynamics Laboratory

Unified Dynamics Laboratory the landmark lab engaged in multidisciplinary projects
Status : Upcoming

the Hona News Corporation

The Hona News, global news and information carrier to spice up your or personal or commercial cravings .
Satus : Running

power, oil and engineering corporation

Oil gas and power sector foray for for the advanced world
Sattus : Upcoming

social and humanities intiatives

Social tranformation intiative for creating new social environment
Status : Upcoming .

Programs & Events

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30 Reasons You Should Watch "The Light"


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"The Lights" Will Open the F. Festival


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"The Lights" Will Open the F. Festival


10 Most Beloved tracks In The Criterion


Gets Your Lights With Special Events

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