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Mahesh Jaikisan Company is a Unified Field-based global organization with wide interest all across with leading capabilities in, entertainment, media, digital, IT infrastructure, ecommerce , humanities , and eternity . You are welcome to experience the exceptional comprehensive set of strategic business consulting, technology, and operations services across the range of industries through our global network of advanced technology and Intelligent operations centers. We serve clients in multiple countries around the globe every day by bringing together ,science, humanities and philosophy for our clients, people, shareholders, partners, and communities.
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Unified management consulting

Unified management consulting is a world’s one of the finest business consulting firms, helping businesses across the geographies. See them all!

The hona news corporation

Global news carrier WordPress that displays day to day news content in a beautiful covering all geographies

Unified reasearch university

Whenever you struggle with anything regarding Life and , just hit here check eternal perspective Leave a message on our support forum.

Unified dynamics laboraotry

Philosophical physics cosmic laboratory to keep pace with universal dynamics to help masses. The suggestions made are real time.

Vedic Development Organization

Base for our universal programs involved in vedic development , the universal sound ,unified phonetics.

Unified Transformation

The time in need great transformation to create sustainable environment in the coming age . The only solution is universal transformation is going on ...

Eternal DisseminAtion

The universal saga with the several comprehensive additives and effects to create balance in life .

ECommerce Support

eCommerce is now the most popular eCommerce support platform available with unified management consulting


Social & Charity is to support big social good for human and animal welfare . This also includes environmental programs

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